About Craig.

Relentless entrepreneur, CEO, investor, coach, mentor, author, and optimist dedicated to helping you grow your business.

For the last 22 years Craig has been running a successful Freight Forwarding Strategic Growth Consultancy that assists Freight Forwarders with fast track growth plans and is one of the leading experts in the sector. Having built up a global team of Freight Forwarding Industry Recruiters Craig has now taken Headford to the next level.

Craig Headford works very closely with his clients in assisting them to find key personnel and M&A opportunities that match their growth strategy. Craig prides himself on sourcing the top 3% in the sector and also shares his clients passion for growth and increased profits.

The Freight Forwarding professionals that set up profitable offices, trade lanes, specialist divisions and consistently hit their targets. All backed up by a team of specialist freight forwarding industry executive search consultants and M&A Advisors.

Craig and his team can assist with Mergers & Acquisitions, Executive Search & Media please visit HeadfordGroup.com and we will be delighted to help you double your EBIT.